I Never Thought…

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I never thought I’d be writing an infertility blog. Maybe I’m not. But I do know that I want to record a timeline of sorts. Xposted from a forum I frequent:

DH and I have been trying to get medical help with getting pregnant for over a year. I switched insurance, had to find a new doctor in April, and it took months to get an appointment. I waited it out, and was so impressed by my new doctor. She knew our chart when she came in the room! She knew both my name and DH’s name, our history, his SA results, all of that. She ordered some tests. My prolactin came back high, I went for a retest, still high. My ultrasound showed a bicornuate uterus, and the HSG was ordered.

September/October, my doctor’s nurse didn’t get back to me in time for me to schedule the test. November, target dates were smack-dab in the middle of the holidays. Same with December. FINALLY, January comes around, and I was able to have it done. GREAT NEWS! My uterus is normal, and my tubes are open! I call my doctor for a follow-up, since she was not the doctor who performed the test. Next opening? APRIL. :faint:

The HSG is supposed to give a fertility boost, so I call my doctor today, thinking maybe something can be prescribed to deal with the prolactin. Nope, she doesn’t do that. Nurse will review with her tomorrow, and then I will be referred to an endo. Why on earth was this not done when my blood work came back high twice in a row MONTHS ago????

I used to think I was making the right decision to go with an OB. It was significantly cheaper, she really seemed to care and want to help us. Now I don’t think I did. I’m so fucking sick of waiting. I’m trying so gd hard to be patient, and it’s just not working anymore. The HSG costs a decent amount of oop cash, and I was so hopeful for good news with that fertility boost.

I just feel like I’ve been patient all the way through this, and they just don’t care. DH and I discussed whether to go straight to an RE or an OB that specialized in infertility, and we decided to go to the OB because of money. We really thought we had made the right decision. We liked her so much, and she was able to code many of my tests under other things, which saved us mega bucks. But now I can’t believe that I had repeat bloodwork done in October, which she refers out to, and I didn’t automatically get one. I am so :jedi: about that. If I hadn’t called today, I would have had to wait until April to get one.

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I shouldn’t be posting…

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We have movers! More expensive, but there are pros that the first company didn’t offer. I’m trying very hard to not stress about all the stuff that’s not done. We technically have this apartment until the 31st, so we have plenty of time to move anything that doesn’t make it on the truck. And not everything will. The main reason we hired movers was to avoid moving the big stuff ourselves. The big stuff will be moved tomorrow. Roughly 20 boxes will be moved tomorrow. Everything will be okay. (Maybe writing it’ll help me believe it.)


Vaelek’s younger brother came down. So glad he could he could make it – I didn’t have anyone to tell me a box was smarter than I was before he got here.


Ok….15 more minutes of packing while Vaelek finishes dismantling the bed and tossing the mattress on the floor, and then I can go to bed. Alarm’s set for 7:30; movers will be here at 10:00. I am unbelievably excited. 



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We’re moving. I’m ecstatic about it, but UGH it’s a headache. Due to the fact that we’re moving in January, we scored a sweet deal. We got the keys on the 3rd of this month, and our lease starts in February. They’re not charging us anything for January. Our February rent is free. Our March rent will be under $200. And we start paying full rent in April. We are fortunate enough to be able to pay for movers, so our big move date is supposed to be this Saturday, the 17th. We went with the lowest priced movers, and I received an email today informing me that they have to cancel due to a family emergency. I get this; the company appears to be three guys with a UHaul contract. They may all be related. Whatever. It still sucks. I didn’t get this email until I got home from work (after a particularly grueling commute – accidents vs waiting for the RR company to respond to the call about the RR rails that won’t go up), so we can’t even do anything tonight. I’m hoping on everything that we find something on short notice. And I’m even crossing my fingers that due to the late deadline, we’ll be able to score them for even cheaper. We’ve moved a lot of stuff over there already, all of our unneeded-at-this-point clothes are hanging up, a lot of misc small stuff and boxes, but we’re leaving the big stuff to the professionals. My bulging disk appreciates this decision.


The apartment we’re moving to is so great, the headache is worth it. The closet space is INSANE. The kitchen is HUGE. The washer and dryer are in my master bedroom closet – it doesn’t get any easier than that. Pictures will come after we get moved in and settled a bit. I. Can. Not. Wait. 




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So, I realize that this blog is a ripe, what?, 48 hours old, but it’s National Delurking Day regardless. Comments will be open for awhile, so if you happen to read this, please let me know you’ve been here. Thank you!


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Retail Therapy

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I went shopping this evening for the new apartment. We’ve agreed to use all paychecks from Job2 to purchase things for the apartment for a little while. A bookcase, a new DVD rack, a great piece of art, pillows for the guest bed (which we’ve never had before), a lamp for the computer room, and some totes for organization were among the purchases. Oooh, a new shower curtain and bath mat as well! I love getting a new shower curtain with a move.

There are still a few things left to buy, bedding for the guest bed (which is proving to be pricier than I assumed), and a storage cabinet for the bathroom are some of the bigger things. I am so excited for this move! I cannot to have our own place again. Tweek, who is still hissing at the roommate’s cat after 2.5yrs will be elated as well. I’m dreading the commute, but it will be truly worth it for the opportunity to live here. The small town atmosphere appeals to both of us, and the apartment is fantastic. The storage space is outrageous – I just can’t get over it. Less than a week till we’ll be there fulltime!!



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24 Things

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Since I’m 24, and I feel the need to put *something* here, I’ll give a list of 24 things about me.

1. I am AWESOME at getting a roll of tape started. I can find the end immediately.

2. I have a second job with a company I’ve been with on and off for eight years. I hate having a second job, but love working for the company.

3. I am a bit *ahem* obsessed with the prospect of us starting our family.

4. I grind my teeth. Horribly, I hear. I also clench my teeth without realizing it.

5. I crack my neck/back far too often.

6. I have guilt issues due to 14 years of religious school.

7. I must wiggle my toes in order to breathe.

8. I have two cats, both extremely spoiled. We have conversations. Yes, I know I’m crazy.

9. I don’t like scary movies/tv shows, because every little thing makes me jump/gasp/shriek.

10. I was tickled so much as a child, that my aunt making tickling motions with her finger can send me into fits of giggles.

11. I (I guess we, but Vaelek would prefer not to claim this) have a princess bed. It’s big and high and cushy.

12. I love to read. When I read, I get completely absorbed into it, and have difficulty putting it down. I don’t read as much as I used to.

13. I hate to drive. I’m moving, and will have an hour commute each way. Yay! (It’ll be worth it!)

14. I love true crime books. Serial killers fascinate me. I’ve visited Ed Gein’s grave.

15. I am very uncoordinated and clumsy.

16. I like camping. This is surprising because I’m not an outdoors person.

17. I have a younger brother, who I didn’t always get along with. He once cut my hair because I wouldn’t get off the computer. Now we’re pretty good friends. I’m not really sure how or when that happened.

18. I don’t really like movies. I hate focusing that long on the same visual storyline. And if it’s a book I’ve read that’s been turned into a movie? Forget it. I automatically hate it. I also will decide I hate a movie I haven’t seen if a song associated with it gets too much radio play and irritates me.

19. I hate cold weather. We’re looking at wind chills of -40 for next week.

20. I have never been able to do a cartwheel. This has always been hard for me to accept. 

21. I have ape arms. They are insanely long, and make winter clothing a huge frustration.

22. My favorite color is pink.

23. I am the oldest, and was born the day after my parent’s 15th wedding anniversary.

24. I will always, always, always go to the drive thru rather than inside if given the option. 



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A blog. Eeek. I’m a huge lurker, but am rather shy when it comes to posting to the world. Very intimidated by all the talent. Social anxiety’s flaring too much to do anything but say “Hi!”



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